Weekly Round-Up #1

This is a weekly collection of best bits from around the web… some of it awesome, some of it funny and some of it just plain weird. Enjoy!

Kid Vs. Kid


This kid cops a sweet head-butt from a clearly pissed off goat!

Sourced fromĀ http://entropybegets.tumblr.com

Rolling Stones @ Glastonbury

It took them a while to get there but when they finally did, The Rolling Stones rocked the tits off Glastonbury. Here’s proof:

Parkour! Parkour!

This is pretty cool – it’s a camera strapped to the head of some crazy dude/s in Cambridge doing Parkour.

Warning: if you suffer from motion sickness, you may want to stop driving in cars or partying on boats.

Clear History Trailer

I only just started making my way through the Curb Your Enthusiasm series – and have farted several times in fits of laughter. This basically looks like an extended episode of Curb, but with a million celebrity cameos. It’s good to see J.B. Smoove joined the cast again.

Ministry of Sill Walks

This probably isn’t as funny as I think it is, but it reminded me of that Monty Python skit:


From Brown Cardigan: http://browncardigan.com/?p=26185

Going Full Retard

This one really doesn’t need an explanation:


From Brown Cardigan: http://browncardigan.com/?p=26167

Wise Words

It seems I’m never too old to learn life-lessons from Dr. Seuss…


From Brown Cardigan: http://browncardigan.com/?p=26162

Surf’s Up

Home Alone: Still entertaining after all these years…



From Brown Cardigan: http://browncardigan.com/?p=26092




From Brown Cardigan: http://browncardigan.com/?p=26356

The Superman Selfie

Even the Man of Steel is down with Instagram…


From The Clearly Dope: http://theclearlydope.tumblr.com/image/52948198546


These two should do a remake of Big… or Twins!


From College Humor (via I Raff I Ruse): http://blog.collegehumor.com/post/53990784664

13 Music Docos You Mus See!

Courtesy of Faster Louder, here’s something for both music and movie fans:



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