Fast X: Slow & Boring As Hell

The Fast & Furious franchise has captivated audiences for nearly two decades with its high-octane action sequences, charismatic characters, and a family-centric theme.

The earlier films were the perfect example of junk food cinema: Films that made you feel good at the time but lacked any real substance.

Fast X felt more like eating a whole tub of butter: It leaves a bad taste in your mouth, leaves you feeling shit & greasy, and about halfway through you have no real reason to keep going apart from the fact you probably hate youself.

While previous Fast & Furious films pushed the boundaries of realism, Fast X took it to a whole new level. The film embraced a nonsensical approach, where physics and logic were thrown out the window. Audiences were forced to suspend their disbelief to an extreme extent, as cars defied the laws of physics, characters survived impossible situations unscathed, and the storyline became convoluted and confusing.

While action-packed sequences have always been a part of the Fast & Furious experience, Fast X took it to an extreme, focusing more on extravagant spectacle than on substance. The film bombarded viewers with a constant barrage of explosions, crashes, and unrealistic stunts, leaving little room for genuine excitement or tension to build. This relentless reliance on spectacle sacrificed the heart and soul of the franchise, reducing it to a mindless, soulless blockbuster.

The Fast & Furious franchise has never been known for its complex narratives, but Fast X reached new lows in terms of storytelling. The plot seemed like a mere excuse to string together a series of action set pieces, lacking depth, character development, and emotional resonance. The film failed to engage viewers on an intellectual or emotional level, leaving them disconnected and uninvested in the outcome.

One of the franchise’s strengths has been its memorable and likable characters. However, Fast X struggled to give its cast meaningful arcs or growth. Many characters felt one-dimensional and lacked the charm and depth that fans had come to expect. Even the beloved central characters seemed to be running on autopilot, with their actions and decisions becoming increasingly predictable and uninspiring.

Another key reason behind the franchise’s success was its focus on illegal street racing. However, Fast X took a sharp turn away from its roots, abandoning the core elements that initially attracted fans. Instead of showcasing thrilling races and intense rivalries, the film prioritized over-the-top stunts and outrageous action sequences, leaving behind the essence of what made the franchise popular in the first place.

While the franchise has had its ups and downs, this particular installment fell flat in delivering the elements that made the Fast & Furious series so beloved. As fans eagerly anticipate future installments, they can only hope that the creators learn from the mistakes of Fast X and steer the franchise back onto the road of its former glory.

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