2013 MIFF Program




The MIFF program gets announced tomorrow morning – and having had a sneak peak, the organisers have put together an truly impressive list of both international and local gems.

For anyone looking at the program and feeling a little overwhelmed for choice, here are a few that I am particularly looking forward to:


1. Mood Indigo

Michael Gondry’s directorial history is very diverse to say the least, he did the horrible Green Hornet remake, the quirky Be Kind Rewind and put together Dave Chappelle’s Block Party. If this combines the originality of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with Audrey Tautou’s undeniable spark, then it could be a real winner.

2. Prince Avalanche

I would watch Paul Rudd in just about anything, but the fact that this seems like a bizarre trip makes it even better. The director, David Gordon Green, has had a few hits (Pineapple Express and Eastbound & Down) and a few misses (The Sitter and Your Highness), so it could swing either way. The trailer looks good.

3. Blackfish

I’ve seen a lot about Blackfish around the web, which usually means it’s received rave reviews. Powerful documentaries are finally getting the credit they deserve these days, and this one is about a subject I don’t really know much about. Bring on the learning!

4. The Spectacular Now

I’m a sucker for a young-adult heartfelt drama, and the trailer for this really sucked me in – it looks like an ’80s classic starring a likeable John Cusack. Plus, it’s also from James Ponsoldt, director of (500) Days of Summer.

5. What Maisie Knew

I really enjoyed The Kids Are All Right, and this one brings back the same producers as well as another impressive ensemble cast. Steve Coogan deserves a break-out role, so I hope this is his ticket to the big-time and Alexander Skarsgard seems fairly genuine here. Plus, the young girl who plays Maisie is apparently very impressive.

6. Cutie and The Boxer

I honestly don’t know anything about this film, but the trailer intrigued me to the point that I really want to see it. See for yourself…


1. Tim Winton’s The Turning

People seem to love Tim Winton. As one of the few people who hasn’t read Cloudstreet, I can’t say whether he’s any good. But the trailer for The Turning looks interesting, and actually boasts a strong cast of Australian talent (and not just the same actors from Underbelly).

2. These Final Hours

The concept seems very similar to Seeking A Friend For The End of the World, which was included in last year’s MIFF program, but the cast appeals to be (especially Snowtown’s David Henshall).

There’s no trailers for this one, but you can check out a clip from director Zak Hilditch’s short film Transmission here: http://vimeo.com/38602108

Melbourne International Film Festival, 25 July – 11 August 2013

For all the session times and ticket information, visit the MIFF website.

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