Washed Out – Within and Without


The chill-wave scene became overcrowded quickly, but Atlanta’s Washed Out (alias of Ernest Greene) has developed a unique sound that isn’t so repetitive.

Now after the two stand-out EPs Life of Leisure and High Times Washed Out has released his first studio album, Within and Without. By recording in a proper studio instead of his bedroom, this time the production quality is more refined; allowing you to hear the distinct elements of each track and enhancing their overall appeal.Eyes Be Closed and Amor Fati set the vibe early, layering early ’90s techno beats with a new-age instrumentals.

Much like Moby’s Porcelain, they’re the kind of songs you immediately associate with beaches and summer holidays.

Real instruments lift some songs from being tedious synth-assisted beats, in particular the drums of Soft and the chime throughoutFarAway. The pleasant mood established with You and IWithin and Without and A Dedication is slightly ruined by Olivia, a song better suited to seedy dance clubs and Commodore 64 games, but will be restored once you lose yourself in the up-beat rhythm of Call It Off.

Within and Without will keep you warm during the winter months but it is destined to become the summer soundtrack for both hippy stoners and rave party enthusiasts alike.

Best Track: Amor Fati

If You Dig This, You’ll Like These: Beach House, Neon Indian, early-’90s techno beats from Underworld or Orbital

In A Word: Chilled

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