Weekly Round-up #2

Another week, another collection of random crap from the net. I’d laugh about the fact that people have way too much spare time, but sadly I’m here putting it all in a post.

Killer Moves, Man

I could watch this kid all day…


Sourced from Brown Cardigan.

Jeremy + Norm

Meet Norm, probably the coolest dog ever!


Sourced from My Modern Met.

Every film reference in The Office

I don’t want to know how much time this would have taken to put together, but at least for the sake of the person who did it, I’m going to say the world is better off by having it – if only to prove how smart and awesome the show really is.

Be warned, it goes for over 12 minutes!

Sourced from Film.com.

Words of Wisdom #1


Sourced from Brown Cardigan.

Oldboy Trailer

I know Hollywood love to rehashing Asian classics, but I still can’t believe they’re touching Oldboy – not because of any personal attachment or anything, but just because it’s completely fucked up and disturbing.

Still, Hollywood also has a history of completely fucking these remakes up, which is why I was impressed at how true Spike Lee’s version looks to the original – from the trailer at least. I guess we’ll know for sure when it’s released in October.


 Need Security

It’s a real jerk-move, but it’s also an awesome prank:


Sourced from Brown Cardigan.

Impressive Mosiac

Look at this carefully, because it’s actually one single photograph – no Photoshop used!


Sourced from Bored Panda.

Toy Soldiers

This is pretty cool for a number of reasons…


Sourced from My Modern Met.

Dripping Paint Portraits

At only 21 y/o, Agnes-Cecil (aka Silvia Pelissero) is an incredibly artist. You can watch her making the portrait called Waiting below. The paintings are done with black enamel paint and then finished with charcoal.

Here’s the finished piece:


Sourced from My Modern Met.

Perfect timing!


Sourced from Brown Cardigan.

Words of Wisdom #2

And if you keep it bottled up, it can be painful too…


Sourced from Brown Cardigan.

OK GO – This Too Shall Pass (music video)

These guys became YouTube sensations with their first video clip for Here It Goes Again, which had them performing a routine on treadmills. This clip is equally as impressive… too bad the song isn’t as catchy.

Give us your dregs!

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