Katalyst – Deep Impressions


Part of Katalyst’s appeal is that he finds vocalists who are not only talented in their own rights, but complement the soul-inspired, urban sound that he has perfected. His relationship with songstress Stephanie McKay should have inspired an entire album by now. Her vocals on opening track Day Into Night proves that the dynamic is still very much in-tact.

Black Dragon incorporates some Charlie’s Angels-inspired bass and horns, with Mr.Clean’s lyrics coming hard and fast. The dynamite retro theme is carried on with Ready to Drop and Prince of Cool, which sounds like it could have been used as the theme from Knight RiderPot or Pills is a true highlight, blending amusing audio grabs and soulful backing.

The Clapping Song would be incredible live, utilising a ghetto Zac Effron in the U.S’ Coin Locker Kid, completed with Hairspray-inspired, doo-wap backing. That same formula is repeated with the soulful U Can’t Save Me, featuring Buff 1 & Stephanie McKay.

Creativity slumps with Beware and It’s A Blast, which are basically just chopped-up rap classics with extra snares thrown in, in an attempt to make them sound original. The last half of the album feels less-inspired, with Number OneThe Popcorns and Who’s Doing What failing to generate as much excitement. Time Ticks Onpicks up the pace again and the album finishes strong with soul-infused rhythm and dark commentary of Dreaming of You.

Best Track: Pot or Pills

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In A Word: Groovy

Deep Impressions  is out now via Invada Records/Remote Control

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