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22 Jump Street Review

Chris Miller and Phil Lord made this sequel bigger and better in every aspect but not at the sake of its charm. 21 Jump Street caught people by surprise. With Channing Tatum’s casting… Read More

The Trip to Italy

This film will make you want to travel, eat, learn, read and watch classic cinema… and enjoy it all with a good friend. Like the many colourful dishes in this film, there’s something… Read More


Rating: 1/5 There’s no denying this is a lot better than the 1998 version. It clearly is. But that doesn’t mean its any good. That would be like comparing Ben Affleck’s Batman to… Read More

Thanks For Sharing

Thanks For Sharing This is the debut from director Stuart Blumberg, who wrote The Kids Are All Right. And maybe it’s because he only drafted the screenplay for Thanks For Sharing, but the… Read More

Kick-Ass 2

I made the mistake of watching the original Kick-Ass the day before watching the sequel. That’s like visiting the Grand Canyon and then expecting to be wowed by an average hole in the… Read More


“The thinking man’s blockbuster” is almost an oxymoron these days. There’s a few exceptions, like the The Matrix or Inception… but unfortunately Elysium is not one of them. Neill Blomkamp has tried to… Read More

Django Unchained

As a self-taught director and general film lover, Quentin Tarantino has paid homage to various genres throughout his career. While his specialty is crime (Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs and Jackie Brown), he has… Read More

The Avengers

FILM REVIEW Whether you like superhero movies or not, you have to appreciate what Marvel Studios have achieved with The Avengers. There was a massive amount of risk putting the wheels in motion to make this… Read More

The Raid

FILM REVIEW If you only see one action film this year that’s not based on comic book characters or literary spies, then make sure it’s The Raid. This film is 101 minutes of pure,… Read More

The Hunger Games

FILM REVIEW With the Twilight series ending this year, Hollywood saw an opening to launch for a new teen franchise. Much like Twilight, The Hunger Games is based on a series of best-selling novels and already had a… Read More

Our Idiot Brother

FILM REVIEW Paul Rudd is a very loveable guy. But after his big break as the dorky older brother in Clueless it took a while for him to find a role that people would notice –… Read More

The Three Muskateers

FILM REVIEW They could have just named this Pirates of the Caribbean: The Three Musketeers. After all, it’s clearly replicating the basic formula – the story even revolves around flying pirate ships… yes,… Read More

TT3D: Closer to the Edge

FILM REVIEW Forget about Real Steel, TT3D: Closer to the Edge is the best movie about man and his machine you will see all year. In fact, it’s easily the best sports movie I’ve seen in… Read More

The Green Lantern

FILM REVIEW Just when you thought Hollywood was done investing in Ryan Reynold’s cocky routine or comic book movies in general, DC has finally decided to stop hiding behind their two biggest drawcards (Batman and Superman)… Read More