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X-Men: Apocalypse

Rating: 2/5 Bryan Singer’s first X-Men film, back in 2000, was among the first big blockbusters adapted from comic material. The film is semi-responsible for the onslaught of superhero films, television shows and… Read More

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

If you ignore that essentially the idea of “The Hunger Games” is stolen from Kinji Fukasaku’s Battle Royale, the underlying plot of these films is actually one of the most original and daring to… Read More

The Hunger Games

FILM REVIEW With the Twilight series ending this year, Hollywood saw an opening to launch for a new teen franchise. Much like Twilight, The Hunger Games is based on a series of best-selling novels and already had a… Read More

X-Men: First Class

FILM REVIEW The original X-Men movie, with Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry, kicked off Hollywood’s comic book obsession and still remains one of the best yet. X2 defied the sequel trend and triumphed on all bases, giving nerds and regular… Read More