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Smoke Fairies – Through Low Light and Trees

ALBUM REVIEW The truth is that I write for something of an alternative music magazine, not weekly newsletters for a middle-aged music appreciation club. If you were expecting me to write that this… Read More

The Dodos – No Color

ALBUM REVIEW Even though The Dodos have maintained the same drum-heavy rhythm across four albums, the Californian duo’s formula still hasn’t lost its appeal… entirely. No Color (yes, I have to keep the American spelling)… Read More

Nick Batterham – Second Lovers

ALBUM REVIEW With a lengthy band resume up his sleeve, including Cordazine, Blindside and The Earthmen, Nick Batterham has finally released his first solo album. As a result, Second Lovers has obvious production value, as… Read More

Ronnie Wood – I Feel Like Playing

ALBUM REVIEW Ronnie Wood has featured regularly in the media over the past decade. If not for his work with The Rolling Stones, then for his many stints in rehab (which is likely… Read More

John Legend – Wake Up!

MUSIC REVIEW During the hype of the Obama election, John Legend and hip-hop favourites, The Roots, collaborated to raise community awareness with a compilation of ‘60s and ‘70s covers. What could have been… Read More