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Unknown Mortal Orchestra – II

ALBUM REVIEW The more I listen to this album, the more I love it. At first it was just an obsession with the first single, So Good At Being In Trouble, but now… Read More

Katalyst – Deep Impressions

ALBUM REVIEW Part of Katalyst’s appeal is that he finds vocalists who are not only talented in their own rights, but complement the soul-inspired, urban sound that he has perfected. His relationship with… Read More

Washed Out – Within and Without

ALBUM REVIEW The chill-wave scene became overcrowded quickly, but Atlanta’s Washed Out (alias of Ernest Greene) has developed a unique sound that isn’t so repetitive. Now after the two stand-out EPs Life of Leisure and High… Read More

Triple J’s Like A Version: Volume 6

ALBUM REVIEW The Like A Version series has become a pretty big deal. And why wouldn’t it? It’s like hearing your favourite new artists at a karaoke party. Unlike previous volumes, which featured predominately older… Read More